This is a good time for me to start blogging again- because I love to write, and because I have a lot to share on my path as a developer. Disclaimer- I have been blogging since 2009 and have gone through many iterations of what to write about only to delete the blog entirely once I’ve outgrown the subject matter.

So here we are.

While not a huge fan of Facebook, I’ve grown to tolerate it and enjoy it again thanks to very specific groups that I am a part of. As a #womenintech I read and contribute to a small number of such FB groups which led me one day to a long list of events to apply for as a women developer.

Then last week I open my inbox to discover that I’ve won an entrance pass+travel to the Twilio Developer Conference in San Francisco. Yay! I am so soooo excited about this for many reasons:

  1. I made it my goal to attend at least one seminar or like event each month. It hasn’t really happened at all this year due but now it looks like it’s starting to manifest.

  2. I will be traveling and attending the event alone. For me this is huge cuz I’m like, NEVER ALONE. As a mother with a young child, carving out this much time out of town is a first for me. Especially as a freelancer with the most flexible schedule between my husband and I, I tend to handle all the school drop offs, post school activities, household management, etc etc. So yeah, stepping away from this for two days will be sorta neat.

  3. As a new developer, this is just and incredibly exciting opportunity to be out there and networking with other developers. My programming mentor will be so proud.

  4. And like- San Fran! Yeah! I am actually from the Bay Area and all my family up there but we never make it to the city when I visit. So hopefully I will be able to get a taste of San Francisco as a tourist and maybe catch up with a family member or two.

I will also be snapping photos of the event and blogging along the way. I am so thankful for my WOMEN IN WEB DEVELOPMENT Facebook Group for introducing me to this opportunity and thankful for Twilio for accepting me as a new developer to the event.

More to come.