Love Me Some Headspace

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Thoughts on meditation...

I used to lead meditation classes back in the day when I was a yoga teacher (many, many years ago until I got bored of it). Yet even still, life pulls me in many directions that I found it very hard to create a steady meditation practice. All I was trying to do was carve out 10 mins a day to sit quietly and focus on my breath but it just never happened no matter my best intentions.

Then I decided to give Headspace a try. And let me tell you- although I am a UX designer I still was hesitant at "needing" an app to help me with my meditation goals.

But often when I am hesitant about something I like to test those feelings to see exactly what it is I am hesitant about.

So I downloaded the app and participated in their free trial series of bite-sized meditations. And as you guessed- I'm totally hooked. So hooked in fact that I purchased a year membership up front and now am able to meditate right before bed (if only for 10 mins) and just open getting started on my work day. That's a huge improvement from my failed-attempts before.

So yeah give it a go!