1 Year In Barcelona


Yesterday we celebrated our 1 year anniversary of living in Spain.

It's amazing to think about how fast time has gone! Some months were harder than others and some months were so steady that it seemed like time was moving at a snail's pace. 

As I reflect back on the year I am very happy with the life we have set up for ourselves here. We have a warm, sweet home surrounded by nature, great neighbors, a daycare that Estel is thriving in, my office nearby, a small boat at the port to go fishing and family just an hour's drive away.

In this past year we've planted the seeds of building a community with kind and interesting new people and I look forward to seeing how these friendships develop.

My Spanish and Catalan are improving (even though I'd like it to improve faster) and I'm building a wonderful creative community around me which is helping me stay inspired as a designer.

What will be of the year to follow? More of this I hope!