A Night Out with Barcelona Wine Tastings


I can't believe I almost talked myself out of Friday night's event from Barcelona Wine Tastings

I had been looking forward to the event all week and had even lined up childcare. But of course, when it came down to the actual night of the event, I found myself exhausted and feeling quite introverted. Luckily I expressed my feelings to those in the house and they insisted I get my shit together and go enjoy myself. 

I'm so glad I did as it was an incredible night.

As I mentioned in a recent Instagram post about the same event, the night consisted of wine and art and storytelling. Just a few of my favorite things! But don't let me fool you, I know nothing about wine except for if it tastes good or not. But thanks to this event I was able to learn a thing or two that I can try to impress my Sommelier brother with. (Did I spell that right?)

What I appreciated most about the event is the intimate nature in which it is planned. It is a carefully crafted bespoke style event with intentionally selected invitees. This particular event took place in an art studio with the artist onsite to share her story and explain her latest exhibition in between tastings. The group size was perfect and unintimidating. 

I plan to post more photos of the event in a near-future blog post and I look forward to attending more of Barcelona Wine Tasting's events.