More Determination, Please


There are a lot of things going on in Catalunya right now which I won't write about here.

Yet some good news is coming out of my little corner of Catalunya. I started a new semester of Catalan classes and could not be more happier. The Generalitat offers incredibly low-priced classes for any interested people living in Catalunya.

The morning did not start of well before class but I was so determined. I had been sick all weekend while being committed to mothering duties, and I was literally having an asthma attack on my way to class.

Luckily I was assured through my expats-mom Whatsapp group (affectionately referred to as The Mothership) that I could buy an inhaler over the counter without a prescription at any pharmacy.

So I popped into the next pharmacy, bought an inhaler, took 2 puffs and slowly walked to class. By the time I arrived I could breathe like a normal person again. I was so determined. There was no way I was going to miss class!

I wish I could tap into this determination with everything, especially the things I am not so excited about. At least now I have a reference eh?

Is there anything you get out of bed early for, or absolutely would never miss no matter the odds? I suppose if so, you should (we should) try to put ourselves there more often!