A Portfolio in Review


I decided to work from my favorite coffee shop in Vilanova today rather than my co-working desk. It's chilly and raining this morning so I wanted to be surrounded by the smell of brewing coffee and the buzz of background chatter.

I also decided to post my full portfolio to the website again. (This has changed). While I am focusing on UX/UI Design it is important to display the extent of my design education and experience. Some people believe you must focus on 1 thing and specialize in 1 thing but I'm not so sure about that in a case like mine.


In a couple of short weeks I will be back in San Diego and I could not be happier. I am thrilled to visit the new boutique-in-construction for the sustainable fashion brand, Salud Shoppe. It will be an exciting time to see the start of the boutique design and offer some tips on how the design can truly represent their brand.

I love transformation!

That's it for now. Be sure to see more day-to-day posts on my Instagram.