Storytelling for Instagram Workshop Highlights


Today I led workshop #1 of 3 for the Share Your Story with Instagram series. 

I feel that it rather well. I prepared as much as I could and walked through the workshop flow in my head about a million times.

But something I remember from my teaching days is that you can only plan so much and that the best skill is to be flexible.

Every group dynamic is so different and every workshop flow can fluctuate. So a rather handy skill to have is to think quick on your feet while still trying to maintain timeliness. I'm a stickler for timeliness so I always appreciate a class led by someone who is considerate of other's time. Although this workshop did go over the 2 hour mark I did stop on time to allow to leave if they needed but if they wanted to stay we could certainly continue.

Other things that seemed to help is that I didn't have any coffee before the workshop and that really prevented any presentation-jitters which was a main concern. The last presentation I gave before this was in design school in front of about 60 people. I had so much coffee on my way to the presentation that I ended up stuttering through the whole speech. I was mortified and it has literally been 2 years to this day that I've stood up and spoken in front of a group.

So the fact that today went so smoothly finally pushed me past that mortifying experience and hopefully the next two workshops this week will go equally well. 

I also was really happy with how well the conference room at my co-working space, Creworking, functioned. It was a good size and had a projector at one end as well as a dry erase board at the other end. I used it all and it functioned very well. Words cannot describe how happy I am with my membership at Creworking. Time and time again they really deliver everything I need to operate as a freelance designer.

So for now I'm going to enjoy the good memories from today and relax. I'll likely reflect more on my experience presenting in future posts.