Helping Women Get Their Stories Out


I have the great fortune to continually meet really nice women with lovely stories of triumph, change, balance and appreciation. Yet these days majority of the women I am meeting have literally "thrown away the rule book" of life and are actively, consciously creating their own lives and forging their own paths.

I admire them all and feel so drawn to helping these women get their stories out. These are stories of life that need to be heard and mostly need to be shared.

So I am working on developing a photojournalism project filled with the words of these women's lives. Maybe I will turn it into a podcast one day? Who knows. But at least I can start with a website carving out a piece of the digital world for these stories to live. I have secured a domain and a theme. I've just got to get started. I am sure if I slowly chip-away at this project it will be complete and ready to launch in no-time. 

Stay tuned!