Freelance & Flexibility


The benefit of being a freelancer is the the flexibility. As a mother, flexibility is key.

When I worked at prAna, they were incredibly flexible with employees that were parents as well as those of us who were not parents (I was not yet a mother for the first few years I worked there). They understood that people need to scoot for an emergency every now and then. It was a relief to be a part of a company like that.

Fast forward to today and I am enjoying the flexibility of freelance design work.

I have solidified a space for myself at a co-working office in Sitges called Creworking. It is filled with natural light, modern and minimal design and is only a few minutes drive from my daughter's daycare.

This is my 3rd morning working from here and my productivity level has increased beyond my expectations. I'm looking forward to developing my UX Design career path from here and getting to know the other local businesses working out of this space.

No podcasts to refer today as I was literally "in the zone" for hours.

Have a wonderful day!