A long, long drive....

This is not my house either but I really wish it was

This is not my house either but I really wish it was

I had a long, long drive today for a meeting on a new venture I am wildly excited about. I will post more on that another time (if I can, not sure yet). But for now I am drinking a much needed glass of wine and blogging from the comfort of my bed.

I’m not totally sure what I sat down to write about tonight. I think the wine is kicking in.

Oh wait- I remember….. 1. I definitely need to RETIRE my granny sweater (I can’t believe I wore it to a meeting today, seriously Diane?) and 2. I’ve got to up my Instagram game.

Not that I feel pressure to but because I actually feel inspired to and on a topic that has been gaining me lots of interest, new followers and DMs, the topic of being a woman in tech, specifically a mom in tech. So I’ve decided to treat this as a design problem and make up a plan of action and more well formed posts about my experience as a women navigating the turbulent waters of the tech world. To be honest, in my experience they actually haven’t been so turbulent, quite the opposite so maybe I’ll focus on that vantage point to encourage other women to explore the tech industry if they’ve been curious about it.

The way I’ve always used my Instagram was just to document my life as with blogging and somehow it has gained me a modest following at best. But now I think it’s a good time to kick it up a notch and streamline some things all while keeping my original voice.

Ok, no more buzzed blogging. Good night!

Diane Serra