On workspaces & travel


I have reached the point in my work-life where I want to work from a co-working space a few days per week. Working from coffeeshops is only cool if I keep buying stuff otherwise I feel bad for taking up a table for so many hours. Then I end up being over-caffeinated or bloaty from caving in on carby cafe sandwiches.

So I started to look around at my options and read up on the local co-working options only to be reminded of how incredibly distracting it can be to work in such environments. Yes, I think that collaborating is super important but I find myself getting cornered at the coffee machine by chatty coworkers in the co-working space. So I end up not working, losing valuable productivity time (because you know, I gotta pick up my daughter from school at a certain hour) and therefore paying for a space that doesn’t allow me to work.

Long story short- I finally found the perfect set up. My local climbing gym has a co-working space. yes yes yes! It’s awesome. I can climb, work, eat, shower, workout in the fitness area and be home in time and refreshed to mother. And the monthly rate is amazing. Yay!

Otherwise my mind is wrapped around preparing for our return to Spain this weekend. I am excited beyond belief but also open to the amount of adult things we have to tend to as we’ve had our house there on Airbnb since we’ve been gone. That’s another story for another day. But I look forward to wandering these streets (see above photo) very, very soon.

Until next time.

Diane Serralife, barcelona, spain