Opportunity Knocking


In previous post I listed the amount of recruiter calls, CVs submitted, interviews and rejection letters I received in a one-week time span. What I want to follow up with here is that all was not in vain. By the end of the week I had received a very unique opportunity at a start up (which I cannot disclose at this time) and 3, oh wait- 4 websites to build (through networking connections). Oh lord, AND an interior design project to tend to on Monday.

So I’m spending tonight (Sunday) writing out my calendar and organizing my plan of action for the week. By the next time I write, I will surely have more updates.

So if you happen to be on the developer path (as many of my Instagram followers are), and are actively seeking the elusive developer job, keep going and keep putting yourself out there.

Until my next post!

Bona nit.

Diane Serra