My Favorite Social Media Platform Is...


I've been putting a lot of effort into networking and have been meeting very interesting professionals throughout Barcelona and surrounding areas.

Since I've been leading digital marketing workshops in the region, I am often asked what my favorite social media platform is and I am always met with a surprised look when I enthusiastically say, "LinkedIn!"

Yes, LinkedIn. I am that nerdy. Or better yet, I am that devoted to my professional progress and that of my LinkedIn connections. I make sure to share any job openings with my contacts or interesting articles of note, but more importantly, I read.

I read as much as I can about my industry, trends, influencers and about any changes LinkedIn in making to the platform that may help me utilize the platform to its potential. 

For me the next most important tactic, is to observe. I observe how others use their LinkedIn. I read the comments. I test any new techniques worth trying and then I check my page analytics to see what's working and what's not. 

I'm such a fan of LinkedIn because I learn so much from it rather than scroll, scroll, scroll through painfully boring feeds of other social media platforms. Next in line for me is Instagram, of course! 

And Twitter has gotten interesting due to the political unrest in Catalunya. 

Oh! Speaking of Instagram, I will be leading 2x Storytelling with Instagram workshops in December. I'll post more information once the dates and times have been confirmed.