Advocating for Others

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I have arrived in Catalunya and am overjoyed. There is something so grounding, so inspiring about this place. I am absolutely in love with it. Now that I am here and finally settled in, it’s back to work for me. This morning I spent some time rapid-prototyping an urgent UI Design request and now have a bit of time to write.

On my mind at the moment is advocating for others. I touched on this subject today on Linkedin.

To summarize- 3 people over the past year have advocated for me in my desire to transition from freelancer to full-time employee. I had been crafting my design career for years with a clear goal in mind but naturally, the job hunt was tiresome at best, and I became a mother and moved countries 2 times over the last two years. Let’s just say that delayed my anticipated completion date for finding the job of my dreams. But that was my path and I did the best I could during all that movement.

So, back to those who advocated for me- each of them believed in me in the way I had been trying to get recruiters and hiring managers to. They each asked for my CV and portfolio and had a specific person in mind to connect me to within their organization. Although this led to interesting interviews and solid professional connections (no job offers), it was just so incredibly great that I had 3 extra people taking the reins for a moment.

It was so helpful, rejuvenating and kept my head up high as I continued my search while managing more freelance clients. Usually, I am the one advocating for friends and family members and it felt so warming to have the roles reversed.

As I write this, I am reminded of the feeling when each of them offered their support. My appreciation for them is immeasurable and I aim to offer the same support to any connections I have that may need and extra helping hand. If you want to contact me, feel free!