From California to Barcelona to California...again.


Wake me up I'm dreaming.

Ok yes, seriously yes- this is the mountainous view from every window in the villa. Each morning it changes a bit depending on the fog, rain, etc but it is still equally stunning and grounds the hell out of me each day.

If you've been following me on Instagram you will know that we are soon to be making San Diego our full-time home again while Spain will be our part-time home. The new change is no surprise as is the nature of my husband's industry to be relocated often. All the better for me to be a digital nomad.

This was no accident, I have been working my ass off to create this kind of flexibility for myself in order to keep progression on my career path. 

As for the villa, we will be hosting it on Airbnb while we are away and then plan to be living in it part-time throughout the year.  A major consideration we made when purchasing the villa is whether it would be "Airbnb-able". The answer was a resounding, "Yes!".

So here we are on the brink of another relocation and another opportunity to restart again back in our previous life, rejoin our community there while still maintaining the friendships we've started here.

We are looking forward to this new phase and in the meantime, I've got to get started on photographing the villa for the Airbnb listing.