Another random coffee shop bathroom

Another random coffee shop bathroom

My previous posts have been very career-heavy and for good reason, that’s where my mind and all of my energy is right now. But in today’s post I want to start writing about the major themes that help me balance myself as I navigate life as a mother, a wife and a professional.

I love ritual. Love, love, love ritual and apply as much ritual into how I manage my house as possible. I think it’s important. It helps soothe the nervous system for everyone and fosters a sense of grounding and consistency.

I am the first one awake before everyone else. I sneakily slither out of bed and quietly start to wake the whole house up through smells of coffee and breakfast. I kind of need something to do right when I wake up. I’m not a lounge-in-bed type of morning person. Once the house is awake I put on some good music if Estel will allow (her cartoons usually take over) and try to fill the morning conversation with positive words and a general feeling of enthusiasm.

This does not mean I’m not negotiating or flat out arguing with my soon-to-be 3 year old when we get to the “getting dressed” part of the morning. Every day is different and most days I am my “best-self” but other days I am tight-lipped, unwavering and a modern version of my very militant Guamanian grandmother.

Back to ritual- I did not grow up starting the day like this. Quite the opposite in fact. I often wonder how my shyness and worry-laden childhood would have been impacted if I started the day in an energy field of grounding and enthusiasm? Who the hell knows. At least I’ve grown to honor it and practice it in my own adult life.

We walk to pre-school. This is recent change I applaud myself for every day. It is the most invigorating way for Estel and I to connect and enjoy nature as we peruse the neighborhood checking out plants and bugs along the way. It takes forever, but she is stoked when she arrives at school and I am stoked when I walk my ass back home. We clock in about 5 miles of walking per day.

Then it’s on!

Workout (in our garage gym. It’s dusty and non-impressive but it works and I love the privacy)


Get ready for work

Work (which may consist of meetings outside the house)

Pick up Estel.

On most days I try to take her to the beach after school because of proximity and because it’s just a really nice way to reflect on the day while she get’s lost playing in the sand and surf. It really brings me back in my body after working so many hours on my computer. But the main point in terms of ritual is that my devotion to the morning ritual sets the tone for the rest of the day (at least for me) and I assume the family appreciates it as well or at the very least benefits from it.

I’ll write a bit more on this in my next post because I’ve run out of writing time today. If there are any topics you would like for me to expand, I’d love to know!