Thoughts on thoughts


In a recent post I mentioned wanting to “up my instagram game” and then I gave it a week to think about and I realized, “why?” and “what for?”. Although I enjoy Instagram (and blogging more so), “does it really matter for me?”.

I’m not trying to run social media accounts, nor am I trying to get paid for being influential. So I’ll just give that thought a rest and post as-per-usual.

Anyways, being back in Catalunya feels really, really good. Reconnecting with our house has been grounding, humbling and stress-relieving. To be up on this hill outside of the city really resets my nervous system and I am thankful we have been able to manage our lives in a way that allows us to spend a few months per year here.

To be fair- having the house in Airbnb while we are in San Diego has been a challenge. We’ve had consistent bookings and the house is in impeccable shape after an intense 6 months of back-to-back reservations. Yet the checks-and-balances on the whole vacation-rental experiment has been underwhelming to say the least. When we arrived back here two weeks ago we weren’t totally sure whether to keep the house and Airbnb-it again, or to sell it.

Yet after the first night of being back in our home we knew the right thing for us to do it keep it, continue renting it on Airbnb while we are in San Diego, and just deal with any stresses that may come along with this decision.

Our life-mentors have taught us (they are in their 50’s), that it is important to take risks in life and to commit to those risks taken. They told us that our generation is so accustomed to things being disposable, easy, with a philosophy of- “how dare we tie ourselves down to anything?”. Of course this is a generalization- but the value is that committing to something is valuable and taking risks on something or someone or some idea is an essential part of life. And I always try to remember that advice when I feel like the frustrations of a given situation get heavy. So with this house here, it feels good to ground in our decision to keep it as long as we can.

Until next time!