My Path to Spanish Fluency


I've been asked often what my resources are for learning Spanish. I decided it was time I write a post about it so that I can easily link it to anyone inquiring. I must admit it has been a long journey and hopefully one day I will finally be fluent.

I do feel that living here in Spain and finding a really great teacher has finally gotten me over a hump I had been stuck at for years.

So here's my list of how it all started...

1. I first attended Spanish classes at my local community college when I was in my 20's. It was a great start and incredibly affordable

2. I then did a semester abroad in Salamanca, Spain. I was sooo freaking broke and really should not have done the trip, but I had Spain on the brain and could not let it go.

3. Then I forgot about Spanish for a few years due to adulting and after a while I remembered how much I wanted to be fluent in Spanish and so I started again with an online plan. I had a very long commute to work each day and would listen to the Podcast- Coffee Break Spanish every time I was in the car.  This podcast is SO GOOD. The teacher teaches Castellano and in such a cool way that is untraditional to regular language podcasts. I highly recommend this one!

4. In combination with listening to the Podcast each day I signed up on and found a buddy to do a 2x week phone conversation via the Skype app. My language buddy was Argentinian and wanted to learn English. So once per week we would speak on my lunch break in English and then again the same week only in Spanish.  It was a great way to just start talking in Spanish. We would also skype chat in between calls to get more practice writing. She was a dedicated partner and we sustained our language-exchange for almost a solid year.

5. Moved to Spain and everyday I was confronted with my language limitations. I realized I was no where near where I wanted to be fluency wise. I tried free meetups at coffee shops which DID NOT WORK (for me) because it was terribly inconsistent. Plus- my goal was/is to speak really well, not just "get by". So I did a bit of asking around to my expat friends who spoke good Spanish. I asked them who they studied with and almost everyone recommended Gloria's classes at

Currently I am attending in-class lessons with Gloria but her school also offers private classes virtually if needed. It is such a legit program and I feel really confident that I will meet my fluency goals through this school.

I should also say that even though my husband is Spanish, we speak to each other in English because we met in California and started our relationship in English. It is really hard to switch over once you get started in one language. So yeah, I don't get any extra help from him, not with my homework, not with pronunciation- nada. 

So here it is, my language journey and I wish you best on yours!

But be patient and keep looking for a program that works for you if you feel like you are not learning anything in your current program. There are so many options to learn these days that with diligent research, you will find a course/teacher/program that works best for you.