When I started my coding journey, I came across many new coders who suggested this book along with the book, Eloquent Javascript. After reading whatever snippets I could find for both books, I finally settled on the You Don’t Know Javascript series.

I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed it more when I coded alongside each chapter. Yet whenever I felt I needed to review something, I would review previous chapters without coding a long. It is an easy to digest coding book for new students/users of Javascript.

YOU DON’T KNOW JAVASCRIPT- This&Object Prototypes

This book seemed like a logical next step in the You Don’t Know Javascript series. I have not actually read this one yet but it is waiting anxiously to be picked up off my bookshelf.


No matter where you stand on the subject of Catalan independence, this book, written in English, will take you to the intimate conversations of Catalans and Spaniards alike and their own unique view points on the matter. The writer does not choose a side but rather educates the reader on both sides of the story. This was a helpful read for me because I lived in Catalonia for nearly 2 years and still frequent Catalonia for long visits to see family. To be educated on the matter meant that I could participate in conversation on a subject that was/is on a lot of people’s minds while there. I truly enjoyed this book.

Smart Women Finish Rich

The title is cheesy. And to be honest, I get a bit shy when I pull it out of my purse to read while in a public setting. But don’t let that deter you from gobbling its pages. This is a classic financial advice book for women. It speaks more to behavioral changes you can apply today and lots of other incredibly practical techniques to make sure that you are in control of your whole financial present and future. Ladies, if you haven’t read this one yet do.not.delay. I love getting a recharge of motivation to check in on my retirement plan after reading this book. Because ladies- best to stay informed and on track.

If you don’t feel like reading, then I highly suggest heading over to Ellevest which has become my favorite place to stay in the know in terms of financial planning. They totally speak my language.


This book is on my list of TO READ NEXT. I really like reading about alternative ways of thinking to challenge the norm. This will be an interesting read!