The next few weeks will be all about downsizing my load of commitments and free-time to focus on a course I've been really excited about taking at Barcelona Code School. It will be super intense so I will keep my current workload as-is and will not be taking on any new clients until mid-June (at the end of the course).

At the end of last year I had taken a UX Design certification and was very underwhelmed by the course so this time I did A LOT more research before finally settling on a Front End Development program through BCS.

It starts mid April and I plan to blog about my experience because writing is a meditation for me.

It centers me and grounds me like a nice hot cup of coffee and it will be a nice change from all the new coding programs I will be learning.  Personally, I enjoy periods of intense focus and discipline. Being a martial artist for so many years has truly helped me value the lessons and benefits of discipline.

As my martial arts master always reminds me, "That no one can take this time, this learning from me."

I've interpreted that to mean that a path of learning is a gift you give to yourself. It's a sacred time of dedication to a personal goal or dream and an honoring of the voice inside you that's been telling you to get started in the first place.

 And so here we go! Walking further down the path of being a #momintech a #womenintech and a #digitalnomad. Such silly hashtags but it's a path I worked really hard to land on nonetheless.

As for my heart project The Beautuful Hens, I am still accepting story submissions!

xxx- Diane



Diane Serra