Case Study UX/UI- True Tag App 

This is a project in-process that I am adding photos to at each stage. Current photos show the first-round mock up of the app. More information on this case study coming soon!

A Sustainable Fashion App

My client is a veteran professional in the world of sustainable fashion. She is one of the major players in how a popular Southern California fashion brand (that shall remain unnamed for now) became known for pioneering sustainable fashion before it was a thing.

She is, on-the-daily, asked for information from brands and individuals about how to either be a more sustainable fashion brand or how to become a more informed consumer when it comes to fashion and best practices in garment manufacturing.

She came to me with the idea of putting all her knowledge somewhere. And so, the True Tag App project was born.

We Explored color ideas

Just to get some ideas out and the creative juices flowing while conducting research and user personas. The client was really drawn to color option #6-Earl Grey. So I made the first round landing page mockup and logo (see above photo) in that color. As you can see, it is too light and not accessible for many different reasons. The client has since changed her color preference and we have adjusted the logo as well. A final mockup will be posted once we sign off on it.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 1.56.49 PM.png

User research

My client has a newsletter list of over 500 subscribers. The subscriber list consists of customers who already have an interest in conscious consumerism, sustainable manufacturing and wanting to make a difference once purchase at a time. We felt this was the perfect place to start with app necessity questions. We decided to conduct our first round of user research through an opt-in newsletter survey.

Based on the results and the feedback received from this first round of research, we felt it was fair to proceed with the app project.

**More research will be conducted over the course of this app project. Updates will be posted here.


Results coming soon.





Coming soon.





Coming soon.




Behind the scenes photos

More to come.

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