Diane Serra

Diane Serra is a Web Designer, Creative Director & Content Writer based in Barcelona, Spain.



Services & Philosophy

My work is rooted in a minimal aesthetic with powerful imagery that tells a story of my client's brand & services. I design from the knowledge of a designer but through the eyes of a customer therefore creating websites, etc. that are easily experienced and enjoyed by my client's customers. Storytelling and community building is at the heart of my design & marketing style fostering a wholesome relationship between client and customer.

*Available Globally via Skype

  • Web Design

  • E-Commerce Design

  • Newsletter Design

  • UX/UI Design

  • Creative Direction

  • Workshops

Featured Projects

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Web Design- Aria Zen

Aria Zen is a holistic health company based in Sitges, Spain. My client came to the project with her own imagery and logo. I designed a multilingual website that would allow her to eventually grow her brand in Spain and abroad as was her goal. The design also will allow her to easily transition into an e-commerce shop when she was ready to sell product that compliments her services.


Creative Direction- dianeSERRA Handmade

This was a handmade leather bag line I designed, handcrafted, marketed and sold worldwide. Scouted and sold as well by West Elm San Diego. 

*Bags are no longer in production


E-Commerce Design- Teeter Shop

Teeter was a modern, minimal boutique in San Diego, California. They focused on handmade goods, organic goods as well as community events. I designed their e-commerce shop, directed product photoshoots, e-commerce photo editing and web copy. I also trained them in starting and managing their blog.

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UX Design & Interaction Design

I am currently in the process of adding more examples of wireframes and UX Design case studies. It you would like a PDF of my UX Design portfolio, please email hello@dianeserra.com


Content Writing-

I have written for Openhouse Magazine, Mumabroad Spain and prAna to name a few. I am passionate about storytelling and how it can be a powerful tool to not only build a brand's voice but also create a like-minded community.



I have led workshops on Blogging, Storytelling and Social Media domestically and internationally. Please view my Instagram & Blog for information on future workshops.


Firstly, Diane knows her stuff, her presentation was very easy to grasp. That Diane is lovely, cool, pretty and smart was icing on the cake.
— -Share Your Story Workshop Attendee


Office Location:


Carrer na Pilar Franquet, 22

Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

+34 651842284

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The Blog


I blog for the love of blogging. I've been at it since 2010 and mainly write about my journey as a designer, transitioning to a new country and all the wonderful people I collaborate with along the way.

My Story


My background is in E-Commerce for the lifestyle brand, prAna. I worked there for 6 years and during that time I developed myself as a multi-disciplinary designer.

Many doors opened for me as a designer that allowed me to stretch myself as a creative, a community member and as a leader. I have since collaborated in projects such as product design, interior design, boutique design, web design and leading workshops to share my variety of skill sets. 

My work has been featured in such places as WestElm, Openhouse Magazine, Mumabroad Spain, Simply Local North Park San Diego & Design4Corners International Design to name a few.


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